Tech Specs

Web3 & Polygon: The Foundation of Colle:

Colle leverages web3 and Polygon to create a secure, transparent, and user-friendly luxury watch marketplace. Key advantages include:

  • Scalability:

    High-performance, scalable infrastructure

  • Eco-friendly:

    Reduced carbon footprint with energy-efficient blockchain.

  • Compatability:

    Easy integration with web3 tools and assets.

These elements drive a next-generation marketplace that combines cutting-edge technology, sustainability, and exceptional user experience.

Sign in: Secure and Versatile Access

Colle offers a secure sign-in process with Ethereum, providing options for users at all experience levels. Choose from:

  • MagicLink:

    An email-based, beginner-friendly method for creating a web3 wallet.

  • MetaMask:

    A browser plugin for experienced users to manage assets and interact securely.

  • WalletConnect:

    A bridge for mobile wallet users, allowing the choice of preferred wallets.

These options ensure that users maintain control over their assets while enjoying a secure environment to engage with our luxury watch marketplace.

Solidity Smart Contracts

Colle's marketplace utilizes Solidity smart contracts to ensure secure and transparent interactions. We've developed three key contracts:

  1. NFTs - ERC721 Compatible:

    Our custom NFT contract adheres to the ERC721 standard and governs minting, ownership, and transfer of watch NFTs, linking physical timepieces to their digital counterparts.

  2. Marketplace Contract:

    This contract manages core functionality, enabling users to list, make offers, and complete transactions for luxury watch NFTs.

  3. Royalties Contract:

    This contract automates the distribution of royalties for each sale, ensuring a transparent and fair system that rewards users for their contributions.

These smart contracts create a secure and efficient marketplace for luxury watch collectors to confidently trade their timepieces.