Tech Specs

Web3 & Polygon: The Foundation of Colle:

Colle harnesses the power of web3 and Polygon to offer a revolutionary, transparent, and seamless luxury watch marketplace experience. Our platform stands out for its:

  • Scalability:

    Experience unmatched performance with our high-capacity infrastructure.

  • Eco-friendly:

    Embrace eco-conscious trading with our energy-efficient blockchain technology.

  • Transparency:

    Gain unparalleled insight into your transactions. Know who you're dealing with, and trace the lineage of every timepiece.

Discover a marketplace that integrates the latest in blockchain innovation, fostering sustainability, transparency, and a superior user experience.

Sign in: Secure and Versatile Access

At Colle, we ensure that your entrance into the world of luxury watch trading is as secure as it is effortless. Our sign-in process, tailored to your familiarity with blockchain technology, offers:

  • Email:

    The Email option, powered by MagicLink, offers a simple, no-fuss route to creating a web3 wallet.

  • MetaMask:

    This browser plugin is ideal for those who already manage digital assets and seek a secure platform for interaction.

We recommend newcomers start with our Email option, powered by MagicLink, for a smooth introduction to blockchain-based transactions. For our experienced users, MetaMask stands ready to seamlessly integrate with your existing digital portfolio.

Whichever path you choose, rest assured that you maintain complete control over your assets in a secure and user-centric environment, designed to enhance your experience in our luxury watch marketplace.

Solidity Smart Contracts

Colle's marketplace is powered by Solidity smart contracts, ensuring secure and transparent transactions. Our key contracts include:

  1. Digital Twins:

    Adhering to the ERC721 standard, our custom contract governs the minting, ownership, and transfer of digital tokens linked to luxury watches.

  2. Marketplace Contracts:

    Manages listings, offers, and transactions, streamlining the trading process for luxury watch collectors.

  3. Royalties Contract:

    Automates royalty distribution for each sale, supporting a fair and transparent rewards system.

  4. Team Smart Wallet Contract:

    A secure, role-based management contract enabling teams to manage their on-chain accounts efficiently.

These contracts are the pillars of a secure, efficient marketplace where collectors trade with confidence.