Why Colle

Counterfeit & Lack of Trust

Build Trust through authenticity, traceable ownership, vetted community and eliminate fake products and sellers

Conquer Counterfeit & Embrace Trust

Experience a secure and genuine luxury trading environment, free from counterfeit products and untrustworthy sellers. At Colle, we prioritize:

Unwavering Authentication:

Ensuring the legitimacy of every item on our platform

Traceable Chain of Ownership:

Know the full history and maintain accurate records.

Vetted Community Management:

Strict guidelines and smart moderation keep our community exclusive and safe.

Aftermarket Profitability

Share profits, support sellers, and boost aftermarket gains with fast payouts

Unlock Aftermarket Potential

Maximize your profits in the secondary market while empowering sellers and publishers. At Colle, we focus on:

  • Equitable Profit Sharing: Ensuring that sellers and publishers benefit fairly from their transactions.
  • Swift Payouts: Fast and seamless payment processing, keeping your business moving forward.
  • Increased Inventory: Allowing sellers to participate in aftermarket activity with free listings brings significant inventory to the aftermarket


Converging traditional collectors with the new Web3 generation

Sellers have a unique opportunity to reach both traditional collectors and the new Web3 generation. This is thanks to Colle’s ability to converge the two audiences. Collectors can showcase their collection and build up new friendships with fellow members.

Ensuring Product Integrity

Professional seller verification and manual amateur authentication

Product authenticity is ensured through professional verification. Lack of authentication is a thing of the past. Professional sellers are required to provide proof of authentication, while products sold by individual sellers are manually authenticated. This means professional sales are shipped directly to the buyer, while individual sellers’ will be first shipped to Colle for verification. Rest assured that your luxury watch purchases are genuine, with our commitment to product integrity and authenticity.

Chain of

history with
an effortless

Blockchain enabled chain of ownership with effortless transfer. Without a chain of ownership or service records, it can be difficult to know the full history of your luxury watch. Colle solves this problem by generating a digital twin, making it easy to transfer ownership and register the change of owners, along with viewing any records from the prior owners.

Harnessing Blockchain
for a Superior Marketplace

Risk-free, efficient, and secure peer-to-peer transactions



Blockchain technology sets itself apart as the ultimate solution for creating a more efficient marketplace. With its transparency, tamper-proof security, and peer-to-peer communication, every user has full access to all the information they need, minimizing the need for middlemen. Additionally, all funds and tokens in the marketplace are held securely in escrow, adding an extra layer of protection. With low fees and instant settlements, buyers and sellers can enjoy speedy transactions and peace of mind.

Product Categories

Starting with fine luxury watches, eventually expanding to handbags, jewelry, and collectible cars


Luxury beyond watches

Colle's initial focus is on fine luxury watches, with plans to expand into other product categories based on our users' preferences. We are committed to respecting the brands we work with and upholding their policies, ensuring that our business practices are ethical and transparent. Join us as we continue to expand our offerings and provide a unique and trustworthy marketplace for luxury goods.

Commitment to People and the Planet

We love our environment, all people, and want to foster a fast growing community

Sustainability &

Colle is dedicated to creating a sustainable and inclusive business model that is economically feasible and environmentally conscious. We honor and value individuals from diverse backgrounds and strive to empower everyone in the space. To reduce our environmental impact, we have chosen an energy-efficient blockchain and are actively exploring eco-friendly packaging solutions.
Colle is a next generation blockchain-based luxury watch marketplace for consumers, dealers and manufacturers to transact with full transparency.
Our watch marketplace operates independently and is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or connected to major watch brands such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Omega, Breitling, or any other renowned watch brand, their trademarks, or their respective owners. The use of brand names, trademarks, or logos on our platform is for informational and identification purposes only. It does not imply endorsement, sponsorship, or association with the mentioned brands. Any references to specific brands are made to provide context and describe the style, type, or origin of the watches available on our marketplace. We strive to offer a diverse selection of timepieces from various sources, ensuring a wide range of choices for our valued customers.
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